Kim Credence Power Machinery Co.Ltd.
  • Gasoline engine series
    Horizontal Engine Series
    190F 16HP
    170F 7HP
    177F 9HP
    168FB 6.5HP
    173F 8HP
    188F 13HP
    154F 3HP
    168FA 5.5HP
    182F 11HP
    152F 2.5HP
    168FAE 5.5HP
    168FBE 6.5HP
    170FBE 7HP
    173FE 8HP
    177FE 9HP
    182FE 11HP
    188FE 13HP
    190FE 16HP
    GX Gasoline engine series
    GX100 2.5HP
    GX120 3HP
    GX160 5.5HP
    GX200 6.5HP
    GX240 8HP
    GX270 9HP
    GX340 11HP
    GX390 13HP
    GX420 16HP
    Double Cylinder Series
    2V78F 23HP
    Vertical Engine Series
    1P56 98CC
    1P65 140CC
    1P68 173CC
    1P70 196CC
    1/2 reduction models gasoline engine
    168FA-L 5.5HP
    168FB-L 6.5HP
    170F-L 7HP
    173F-L 8HP
    177F-L 9HP
    182F-L 11HP
    188F-L 13HP
    190F-L 16HP
  • Diesel engine series
    Air-cooled diesel engines
    170F 4HP
    178F 6HP
    186F 9HP
    188F 10HP
    190F 11HP
    170FE 4HP
    178FE 6HP
    186FE 9HP
    188FE 10HP
    190FE 11HP
    Silent diesel engines
    Oblique air cooled 4-stroke
    Horizontal air cooled 4-stroke
  • Gasoline generator set series
    Gasoline generator set series
    SJ1200 1KW
    SJ2500 2KW
    SJ2500E 2KW
    SJ3000 2.5KW
    SJ3000E 2.5KW
    SJ3200 2.8KW
    SJ3200E 2.8KW
    SJ3500 3KW
    SJ3500E 3KW
    SJ5500 5KW
    SJ5500E 5KW
    SJ5500S 5KW
    SJ7000 6.5KW
    SJ7000E 6.5KW
    SJ7000S 6.5KW
    Gasoline electric welding generator
    WT-190E 3.5KW
    JWS-300 6.5KW
    Gas generator
    WT3000 3KW
    WT5000 5KW
    WT6000 6KW
    Single three-phase universal gasoline generator se
    WT8500S-T 6.5KW
    KT10000SE-T 8.5KW
    WT8500SE-T 6.5KW
    High power generating set
    JW9500 7.5KW
    JW12000E 8.5KW
    KT10000E 8.5KVA
    WTQF8.5SD 8.5KW
    SJ10000E 10KW
    WT25000SE 20KW
  • Diesel generator set series
    Diesel generator with recoil starter
    2500 2KW
    3500 3KW
    6500 5KW
    8600 8KW
    Diesel hydrostatic generator
    2500-T 2KW
    3500-T 3KW
    6500-T 5KW
    8600-T 8KW
    Diesel generator with electrical starter
    2500E 2KW
    3500E 3KW
    6500E 5KW
    8600E 8KW
    Diesel generator with three-phase
    2500S 2KW
    3500S 3KW
    6500S 5KW
    8600S 8KW
  • Gasoline engine water pump series
    clear water pump
    40WP 1.5"
    50WP 2"
    80WP 3"
    100WP 4"
    Fire fighting pump
    50-75WP 2"
    50-80WP 2"
    Trash pump
    80TP 3"
    100TP 4"
    150TP 6"
  • Diesel engine water pump series
    50WP-170FA 2"
    80WP-170F 3"
    100WP-178F 4"
    80WP-178F 3"
    100WP-186F 4"
  • Tillage machine series
    SJ500 with cover
    SJ1100 with lamp
  • All the products
  • Spare parts and accessories
    Gasoline engine Parts and accessories
    Diesel engines Parts and accessories
    Generator Parts and accessories
    Water pump Parts and accessories
    Tiller and Cultivator Parts and accessories
  • SJ1100MF
  • 168FAE

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